Flat Roof EPDM Rubber cover Wolverhampton West Midlands

Flat EPDM (Rubber) roofs

Flat Roofs

We as a business believe in quality that’s why we use one of the best materials for flat roofs and extensions.

Firestone EPDM rubber roofing is the alternative to traditional felt, bitumen or asphalt, with one complete rubber sheet with no seams and means no leaks. It is glued and attached to a new timber deck. With a grey beautifully sleek finish.

Its durable and can last 50+ years and has a 20 year manufacturer‘s Warranty. What’s more it’s made from recycled material.

Flat Roof To Pitched Roof Conversions

Removing your old flat roof completely or you may leave the old flat Roof on but remove edges, creating new timber frames including rafters too make the pitch which will be then felted,lathed and tiled using which ever tiles the customer requires depending on your preference and the shape of your old flat Roof there are many options too choose from and with over 20 years experience behind us we guarantee too turn that old tired flat Roof into something special.

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